nine mo

After a 9 month hiatus from making artwork I have sharpened my pencils once again!
I cannot really pinpoint what particular motivating force got me back to this point, but thank goodness it has. I was truly beginning to worry. New work to come. As well as a new website. It just feels so right.

After 8 Hours:

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Since Graduation in May I have attained a summer job as an ice cream scooper, moved into a new apartment & studio, had my car totaled (while parked, I was miles away. I am a good driver), turned 22 years old & regrettably have little-to-no creative drive since my Thesis Exhibition 3 months ago. As much as I have tried to enjoy my time away from the Studio, which I have yet to unpack, there is a tinge of guilt that I somehow lost my urge to be an artist. Mostly I’ve tried to just ignore it, telling myself I have been “very busy lately,” or should just “let creativity happen,” but enough’s enough. My blog won’t update itself, and it’s viewers wont appreciate imaginary art. I have a degree that says “hey, she draw’ers reeaal good,” & I should embrace my role as a -no longer student- professional Artist.
You as my witness, here are my short-term goals. You are allowed to email, message, text, tweet, comment, tag or personally NAG me to do these things if you find me slipping back into my cocoon of procrastination. Because in the end, I do it for you. 😉

– Make business cards
– Professionally photograph my works
– Try a new technique (Screen printing?)
– Sell (atleast) 1 Artwork by Fall
– Teach an art class (subbing, private lessons or continuing studies)
– Apply/visit 3 Grad schools
– Have my work in a show

I think this will keep me busy for a while. Also, my wonderful friend Biff gave me a Moleskin Sketchbook for my birthday last month, & I intend on actually using it. I’ve never been much of a ‘sketcher,’ but this might be an opportunity to progress. Thank you, Biff.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer,

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Thesis Exhibition

Click to enlarge final etching images:

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In-Progress Thesis

These pieces are not fully completed, but I thought I’d post the most current work. Fresh off the press! To the left is the initial soft ground & Aquatint layer, to the right is an additional 5 aquatint layers. They still need to be burnished & given a final hard ground layer to bring out the detail. So far, so good.

Happy Spring Break,


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AquaLush was a big hit! Above are some photographs from that night. Many thanks to Kendall Photo Association for taking these wonderful images, to my models Kim & Missy for making the trip out, to Mikaela & Ashley for being such creative designers & problem solvers, I hope to have other opportunities in the future to work with these artists again.


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AquaLush: Bodies of Art

Alright, I’m going to take a break from thesis to update you on the Bodies of Art fashion show, called AquaLush.

A figurative display devoted to the aesthetics of water produced by Mikaela Kaupp, Ashley Hoffman, & myself.

Aside from Production Management, all three of us girls are also contributing our own designs to the show.

I would like to take this time to thank all those who donated their old T-shirts to me for my designs. After 3 weeks here’s some of what I have made (my 1st time sewing!):

^ This dress will be Modeled by Missy Howard      ^This one by Kim Reese

Friday, February 25th 7:30pm @ St. Cecilia’s Music Hall, Grand Rapids MI

If you miss the show, I will be posting more photos as they come.

Happy Valentine’s Day,



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Intaglio in Process

For part II of my thesis I am working with a medium that is a bit unknown to me. That being said, I know many of you who read my blog aren’t very familiar with printmaking, & that’s okay. It gives me the opportunity to do one of the things I love to do most: Talk about it. So here I go… Copper Plate Etching.

This is my reference photo:

After polishing & de-greasing my 18 gauge 7×11″ copper plate, I coat the surface with bitumen, a waxy substance that acts as a resist against the acids eventually used in etching. There are several different types of bitumen-like mixtures to create a desired look. I start with a soft ground. It allows me to vary line weight and pick up subtle marks. but be careful, it can easily hold a finger print.

So I draw into the soft ground, revealing the copper underneath. Once I have my desired image I stick the whole plate in a vat of etching acids for 2-5 minutes. Pull out, wash off, print. My in-progress print looks like this:

…not bad. Next, aquatint. I evenly dust the entire plate with granules of tree sap. when the ratio of coverage/exposure is 50/50, I fuse the resin to the plate with extreme heat. Aquatints are used to add gradient. wherever the resin has been fused, it also acts as a stop for the acid. Here’s a print after 3 minutes in the acid bath:

Looks quite dark now. The next step before continuing with various layers of aquatint to create a value structure, I’m going to burnish out my highlights. Here’s my copper plate that I have not yet printed, but it’s a lot like looking at a penny in the light, you pick up certain details by moving it around the source:

Or essentially:

Huzzah! The next few steps will include Aquatints, more burnishing, possible sugar lift, and a hard ground etch for emphasized line. More photos to come.

Update: 1.25.11 Aquatints completed

After a grueling week of aquatint failure, I finally got one to come out like velvet.

All’s that’s left to do is Burnish out a few more highlights and do a hard ground for some bold line work & detail. I should have my final print by the end of the week, and starting 2 more by the weekend.

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